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Display advertising

Pay-Per-Click display advertising is a powerful and effective tool used to position your products and services in front of people while they are browsing the web. You can attract highly targeted traffic, based on diverse criteria: interests, topics, affinity, remarketing.

Display advertising works in various ways – it can be used as a text ad, as a banner or it can be placed in the favorite apps of your audience. Display advertising is a powerful way to demonstrate your knowledge about your clients - create an appropriate content for them and show it on the right place.

You can get the most of the display advertising by focusing on valuable message and guiding its way to the people who would need it. The ads can increase brand awareness, engage visitors and turn them into trusted leads.

GDN (Google Display Network) has access to 90% of the Internet users on the planet, which makes it a great tool in the marketing arsenal of any business. Its multiple targeting options and significant exposure are ideal for spreading brand awareness to a targeted audience. One of GDN’s most popular advertising methods is the remarketing. It has the ability to show certain ads to previous visitors to your website or people who took a specific action there.

Our marketing experts will make sure you’re using the right ingredients for a successful marketing campaign.

Display Advertising Strategy Elements:

  • Keyword Research
  • Target Audience Definition
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Landing Page Selection
  • Display Ads Creation
  • Campaign Setup
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Reporting

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