Customer Journey Maps and Why You Should be Using Them

Customer Journey Map

Many marketers know that when it comes to acquiring customers it is important to know who they are and what they want in order to meet their expectations. There are tons of handy tools which collect all types of customer data but often most of that data is not used at its fullest potential. Read more

Practical Tips to Improve E-mail Response Rates

email response rate

Today we’ll be talking about response rates. This post will be useful for those who use e-mails for outreaching or cold e-mails or anything else that requires response from the recipient. Of course, you can use selected tips to improve even direct sales pitches. Read more

Targeting the Right Audience on Google AdWords

Target Audience on Google AdWords

Utilizing Google AdWords in a digital marketing plan is a must. With its enormous network of users and huge databases of information on people all around the world, Google makes it really easy for businesses to find and reach out to their target audiences. Read more

Building the Right Target Audience on Facebook

Building the Right Target Audience on Facebook

We’ve already mentioned this: knowing your customers is the key to successful and effective advertising. Assuming that you have already passed this step we’ll take a look in building the right target audience on Facebook. Read more

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Using Content Marketing for Brand Awareness

brand awareness strategy

Creating a strong brand requires a lot of hard work. Maintaining its good reputation is even harder. But when it comes to ROI proper branding is a must. Many business owners and marketers realize that brand awareness is one of the most important points in every marketing plan. Read more

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Tired of Keyword Researches? Try Dynamic Search Ads!

dynamic search ads

Everyone who’s into Google Adwords has heard about Dynamic Search Ads. However, this feature is often underestimated and yes, there are some pretty solid reasons behind, but if a marketer knows what to do it can turn into a really powerful advertising method. What you should keep in mind is dynamic search ads are a bit risky and shouldn’t be used as the only way of advertising on Google. Read more