The New Window Shopping – Digital Video

Digital video is the new window shopping

Video content is on the rise. Entertainment, how-to’s, educational, and so on, you can find all types of videos all over the Internet for practically everything. This leads us to the situation of how videos are used for advertising a product and/or business. Today, we’ll be exploring how digital video have turned into the new “window shopping”. Read more

How to Increase Offline Sales with Online Ads

Increase offline sales with online ads

Back in times someone said that e-commerce would kill retail. Well, it seems they were wrong because people still love in-store shopping. In fact, researches show that in 2017 for each company that closed a physical store, 2.7 companies opened one. What does this mean? Yes, we’ll say it again – people still love the process of walking to a store, physically inspect a product, and buy it. Read more

Customer Journey Maps and Why You Should be Using Them

Customer Journey Map

Many marketers know that when it comes to acquiring customers it is important to know who they are and what they want in order to meet their expectations. There are tons of handy tools which collect all types of customer data but often most of that data is not used at its fullest potential. Read more