How to Grant Read Only Access to a Google Ads Account

Google Ads Account Access

You have ran Google Ads campaigns before but the results were not good. You did the smart thing and found an agency to audit your account and consult you. So far so good! But you don’t want to share your username and password with anybody and you are right! Your Google Ads account is a valuable asset and its security should be well taken care of. Read more

Ease Your PPC with Google Ads and Bing Automated Rules

Every aspect of establishing, developing, managing and promoting a business requires time. Much time which many of us don’t have. Everything from business meetings and strategic planning to set marketing goals and execution. Fortunately, there are automation tools to the rescue which help in reducing time spent in repetitive tasks and scheduling. Today, we’ll be talking about Google Ads and Bing Ads automated rules. Read more

Google Responsive Search Ads: More Space to Convey Your Message

Google Responsive Search Ads

Advertising on Google search? Welcome the new feature – Google Responsive Search Ads which provides you with more space for ad text by allows you to add 3 headlines write descriptions up to 90 characters and more. It’s still in Beta version and not available for all users yet, but promises flexibility, increase in visibility and better ad group performance. Read more

AdWords Bidding Like a Pro: Prioritizing Your Strategies

AdWords Bidding Like a Pro

With all the options Google AdWords provides bidding on the platform might be overwhelming. The only way to cope with it and manage a successful campaign is to prioritize your goals and match your bidding strategies with the results you expect. Here are some helpful tips on how to do that. Read more

Targeting the Right Audience on Google AdWords

Target Audience on Google AdWords

Utilizing Google AdWords in a digital marketing plan is a must. With its enormous network of users and huge databases of information on people all around the world, Google makes it really easy for businesses to find and reach out to their target audiences. Read more

Tired of Keyword Researches? Try Dynamic Search Ads!

dynamic search ads

Everyone who’s into Google Adwords has heard about Dynamic Search Ads. However, this feature is often underestimated and yes, there are some pretty solid reasons behind, but if a marketer knows what to do it can turn into a really powerful advertising method. What you should keep in mind is dynamic search ads are a bit risky and shouldn’t be used as the only way of advertising on Google. Read more