Google Search Ads or SEO: What to choose?

Google Search Or SEO

You have a business and want your website to get you more clients, right?
Showing up on Google when your potential clients search for your products or services is one of the best ways to do just that. Read more

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How to Grant Read Only Access to a Google Ads Account

Google Ads Account Access

You have ran Google Ads campaigns before but the results were not good. You did the smart thing and found an agency to audit your account and consult you. So far so good! But you don’t want to share your username and password with anybody and you are right! Your Google Ads account is a valuable asset and its security should be well taken care of. Read more

Top 5 ways Business owners waste money on Google Ads

Top 5 ways Business owners waste money on Google Ads

Google Ads can be a very powerful tool for your business, but if you have not done your research you can waste a large amount of your budget due to lack of knowledge or experience with the platform. Below are the top 5 ways business owners waste money on Google Ads when they try to manage their ads by themselves, by our observations over the years. Read more

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A Deeper Look into RLSA and Some Winning Strategies to Test

There’s no doubt that remarketing is a powerful feature that generates tremendous increase in leads, conversions and ROI. Most of the big companies which offer ad spaces include it as an option. Today, we’ll be talking about remarketing in Google Ads and more specifically – remarketing lists for search ads (known as RLSA). Read more

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Ease Your PPC with Google Ads and Bing Automated Rules

Every aspect of establishing, developing, managing and promoting a business requires time. Much time which many of us don’t have. Everything from business meetings and strategic planning to set marketing goals and execution. Fortunately, there are automation tools to the rescue which help in reducing time spent in repetitive tasks and scheduling. Today, we’ll be talking about Google Ads and Bing Ads automated rules. Read more

How to Increase Offline Sales with Online Ads

Increase offline sales with online ads

Back in times someone said that e-commerce would kill retail. Well, it seems they were wrong because people still love in-store shopping. In fact, researches show that in 2017 for each company that closed a physical store, 2.7 companies opened one. What does this mean? Yes, we’ll say it again – people still love the process of walking to a store, physically inspect a product, and buy it. Read more