The Acquisition Report in Google Analytics for Business Owners

Google Analytics Reports can be confusing to navigate for business owners who do not specialize in digital analysis. In a series of articles we will try to help you make sense of the numbers by providing a breakdown of some of the more useful metrics and reports in Google Analytics.

In this article we focus our attention to the Acquisition Report – Read on!

The Acquisition report shows you from where you get your visitors. The sources of your traffic is broken down to several categories:

Organic Search:
People who found you by using a search engine like Google or Bing.

People who have reached your site by following a link from another site. Keep in mind that referral data does not always register.

People who have reached your site by following a link from a social network, as identified by Google such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Paid Search:
People who have reached your site by clicking on a paid ad on a search engine results page. The traffic from your Google Search Ads or Bing Ads will show up here.

People who have reached your site by clicking on a Display ad (banners or text ads) from the Google Display Network or other known ad network or  tagged as a display ad. If you buy ad space directly from a website and not tag the link as a display ad, traffic from it will not show up as Display traffic.

People who visited your site by clicking a link from an email, which is properly tagged. If the links from your emails are not tagged the traffic from them will go towards the Direct channel.

People who typed your website URL directly in the browser or clicked on a bookmark. Traffic with no other referral source also counts as direct.

This section contains traffic that does not fit into any other sections. For example a QR code campaign, if properly tracked, will count here.

How to read the Acquisition Report

The Acquisition report gives you great insights about the different channels you get your traffic from and how they are performing compared to each other. You can quickly determine which channels work better and which worse so you can identify problems or opportunities and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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