5 Reasons Business Owners should use Google Search Ads

5 Reasons why business owners should use Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads have proven themselves to be one of the major players in the digital ads space. We believe them to be an awesome tool for driving new clients to a wide range of businesses.

You may be on the fence whether to use Google Search Ads because of what somebody who tried using them and failed said or because you do not have time to learn how to use them optimally. 

We believe that Google Search Ads can be beneficial to almost any business if used correctly. This is why we prepared a list of Top 5 Reasons Business Owners should use Google Search Ads.

Results from Google Search Ads are easy to measure 

One of the main advantages that Google Search Ads and digital marketing as a whole has over traditional marketing channels, like TV or print, is that it’s much easier to measure. When you set up your goals and conversion tracking correctly you can see which keyword brought the visitor to your website, you can see if the visitor ordered something, what was the order value, if the visitor viewed your contact page or store location. There are ways to even track if he/she called your phone number.

Google Search Ads are scalable 

When using traditional marketing campaigns it is often difficult to scale up successfully. If you want to increase your results 5 times you generally need to put 5 times more work. This is not the case when using Google Ads. Since you can measure success to a much higher degree you can calculate your desired return on investment more easily. When you reach it, simply increasing the budget of a campaign can scale up your results without having to do much else. Of course this is true provided there are enough people searching for the keywords you or your agency selects.

Google Search Ads provide fast results

SEO is awesome but it takes a lot of time to notice any results. This is not the case with Google Search ads. When your campaign goes live you can get immediate traffic. Not only you can get orders or leads much faster, you can also gather data of what is working and what is not much faster. This data can then be used to optimize your campaign or even adjust your SEO strategy!

We love SEO. We believe that it is a very important part of your digital success.  That being said, Google Search ads will get you to the top of the search results in minutes rather than months.

Google Search Ads offer Great Control and Targeting  

Google Search Ads gives you great control over many things such as:

  • Your budget
  • Your maximum cost per click
  • The search term which triggers your ad
  • The geo locations your ads are shown
  • The people who can see your ads in terms of age, gender, interests, intent, interactions with your website and more
  • The time your ads are shown
  • On what device your ads are shown
  • Your ad copy and the landing page you lead your customers

Competitors are using it

Even when you are well positioned organically, if your competitors are paying for ads on search results then you are most likely losing a substantial amount of leads and sales simply because they are the first thing your potential clients see when they search. Simply do a search for a few keywords related to your business and determine which of your competitors are positioned in the ads section high up on the page.

In summary – if you are not using Google Ads, we suggest considering it, as it is an awesome tool to drive more business.

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