How to Grant Read Only Access to a Google Ads Account

Google Ads Account Access

You have ran Google Ads campaigns before but the results were not good. You did the smart thing and found an agency to audit your account and consult you. So far so good! But you don’t want to share your username and password with anybody and you are right! Your Google Ads account is a valuable asset and its security should be well taken care of.

Luckily you can give Mokeez a read only access as your consulting agency. We can use it to check on the account health and give you advice on how to improve it!

Keep in mind that this is different to granting us access to manage your account. It is a read only access so we can not make any changes.

In this article, we are going to go over the steps you need to take to grant a read only access to your account.

Granting Access to a Google Ads Account

If you have a Google Ads account and you need an audit of your campaigns, you’re going to need to grant us access to your Google Ads account.

Account Access

It is easy to add an additional user to your Google Ads account. You need to log into your account, click the “Tools” icon in the top right corner and then under the “Setup” menu option, click “Account access”.

Clicking on it will take you to the user management page, which looks like this:

To add a new user, click on the blue “+” button.

The following screen will appear:

For account auditing, you only want to give “Read only” access.

Important: Do not grant “Admin” access to a third-party.  That gives them the same level of authority in your account as you have, which allows them to remove you without permission.

Once you choose an access level, enter the email address We will be sent an invitation by email, granting us Read only access to your account, so we can analyze it and consult you on how to get a better return on your investment in Google Ads!