A Deeper Look into RLSA and Some Winning Strategies to Test

There’s no doubt that remarketing is a powerful feature that generates tremendous increase in leads, conversions and ROI. Most of the big companies which offer ad spaces include it as an option. Today, we’ll be talking about remarketing in Google Ads and more specifically – remarketing lists for search ads (known as RLSA).

It’s amazing how much data Google collects on its users. All that data is provided to advertisers to ease their targeting, reach out to the most relevant prospects and serve them relevant ads. By this, the big G offers a win-win to both advertisers and regular users.

One of the powerful advertising features of Google Ads is remarketing. It allows advertisers to reach out to prospects who have previously shown interest in their website. Digging deeper into this we’ll find the Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. It allows marketers to target users which have already visited their website, offer them tailored search ads and customize bids depending on your and their needs.

Interesting fact is that, apart from display remarketing which shows ads to users from your lists while they’re surfing around the Internet, RLSA shows ads to those who are actively searching on Google and use keywords and phrases you’re bidding on.

Now, here are some winning strategies for testing that may unleash the power of RLSA in your Google Ads campaigns.

Bid Optimization

Have a play with the bidding on specific keywords for specific audiences. For example, if you’re selling women shoes you can separate your remarketing list and target your audience depending on their behavior on your website. Create one for homepage visitors and one for the page that refers to a specific filter, let’s say red shoes. Then adjust bids – bid high for the first list, and higher for the second. The results may surprise you.

Why? It’s probably because homepage visitors still don’t know what they’re looking for. They’re just browsing around making familiar with your website and brand. While users from the second list have a particular search. They’ve performed the action to filter all the products to find red shoes. They’re one step closer to a decision and further in the funnel.

Broad Keywords

While this sounds crazy it actually might do wonders when used within an RLSA campaign. Most marketers know that bidding on broad match keywords causes more harm than good, i.e. are not so profitable. This type of bidding requires a budget equal to a small fortune and the return on investment is rarely satisfactory. With RLSA you will target a specific audience – the one that has already visited your website, knows something about you, and probably has already purchased from you. You can add the broad match keywords and phrases so your ad can be shown whenever users from this list searches using a broad keyword. This way you will filter out a huge amount of irrelevant clicks and save tons of money on bidding.

Why? Because when you bid on broad match keywords your ad will be shown to a huge network of users of all types. Some will be ready to buy, they might convert. Others have just started looking for a solution to a problem, they’re not ready to buy yet and probably won’t convert. Another group will be just surfing around and clicking on websites just because they seem interesting, those definitely won’t convert. And, of course, your competitors who may use some bad practices to drain your budget. With remarketing lists you have created a group of people who visited your website and have shown interest in what you have to offer. And we know that remarketing increases conversions.

Tailored Ad Texts

You have the amazing opportunity to customize ad texts to match your audience’s behavior on your website. For example, if you’re offering a couple of different services, you can create a couple of remarketing lists depending on which page a specific user has visited. Then you can serve them highly customized ad texts.

Why? Well, a highly customized ad that matches prospects needs always works better than a general ad text. People love to think they’re the center of the universe and feel amazing when they see something that is tailored just for them. It also helps building a good brand image which cares for its customers and pays attention to their needs.


Now, this is an amazing strategy you must try if you already haven’t. For example, take all the customers that bought red shoes from your website, put them in a remarketing list and serve them an ad that says something like “You’ve got the red shoes, now it’s time for the red purse” and advertise your hand bags. We’re sure you’ll be surprised of the results.

Why? It’s tailored. Women love to match their shoes with a purse of the same color and eventually material. When they buy the red shoes they’ll definitely need (or at least most of them) a red hand bag to create a matching style. It’s one of the “rules” of the fashion industry and if you’re in it you probably already know this. And reminding them that they still don’t have this red bag will do wonders.

RLSA offers a huge opportunity to marketers and business owners who want to optimize their budgets in Google Ads, reach out to more valuable prospects and serve them tailored ads. The variety of strategies is limited to one’s creativity and strive to increase effectiveness, conversions and ROI.

What strategies have you used with RLSA? Feel free to share the results with us.

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