Ease Your PPC with Google Ads and Bing Automated Rules

Every aspect of establishing, developing, managing and promoting a business requires time. Much time which many of us don’t have. Everything from business meetings and strategic planning to set marketing goals and execution. Fortunately, there are automation tools to the rescue which help in reducing time spent in repetitive tasks and scheduling. Today, we’ll be talking about Google Ads and Bing Ads automated rules.

Ever wanted to launch a campaign on weekends without actually being at work? Well, automated rules allow you to do that without a hassle. You can set up a rule that schedules your campaign to start whenever you want without needing your attention at the exact moment. Let’s see what else we can get from those rules.

Google Ads Automated Rules

Google Google Ads can help you manage and schedule campaigns depending on what you need with just a few clicks. It allows you to have up to 100 active rules on each account to help you:

  • Schedule PPC campaigns on special days and holidays. Launching a Christmas campaign on Sunday? Let the automated rules do it for you. However, keep in mind that if you’re launching a big and really important campaign you may want to check how things go at the time of the launch.

  • Pause under-performing ads or keywords. For example, if a keyword costs too much and doesn’t bring in conversions it makes sense to pause it.

  • Control bids to maintain an average position or ensure your ads always show on first page. You don’t have to monitor how every keyword or ad group performs at all times. Set up a rule that will keep things on place by adjusting your bids. A rule of thumb is to not to allow drastic changes as things may go wrong and you may end up wasting your budget.

  • Manage daily budgets on specific days and time. If you have noticed that your target audience, i.e. those who are highly likely to convert, is more active at certain days you may increase your budget to take advantage of that.

  • Receive notifications if you’re running out of budget earlier than expected or any other dramatic changes in your campaigns.

Everything sounds too good to be true and it is actually… True. However, you still have to be careful especially when it comes to managing bids. If you run a rule on a daily basis it will use data from previous day which means that it may, well, screw up things. You will need to monitor those closely and test first before considering any bigger changes.

Bing Ads Automated Rules

Similar to Google Ads Bing automated rules also allow you to manage your account activity, help you optimize your campaigns, and saves you time in setting up things. Much like Google Ads, the platform offers you help with:

  • Scheduling ads for specific period of time. For example, campaigns that last during special events like Cyber Monday or Christmas sales.

  • Adjusting daily budgets to avoid stopping your best performers. In other words, if you have a well performing campaign that you wouldn’t want to stop when running out of budget you can automatically increase the latter and continue the campaign until whenever you want it to stop.

  • Maintaining steady first page or average positions by bid adjustments similar to Google Ads. Yet, you’ll have to be careful as it may end up eating out all of your budget. You can test it first with small adjustments and increase further after getting comfortable with it.

  • Avoiding waste of money on low performers. It’s known that every campaign has its low performing ad groups or keywords, right? Well, you can’t spend all day monitoring those and playing hide and seek around. You set up an automated rule to do this for you. For example, with just one rule you can find the keyword that costs too much per acquisition but bringing no conversions and stop it to allocate the money to better performing keywords.

  • Saving time with fewer clicks. You can combine automated rules with Opportunities to save time in optimizing your campaigns such as the “Save this set of columns” option. It allows you to have a better and quicker view on impacts and apply new opportunities.

A really nice advice of Bing here is to set up minimum and maximum CPC limits in order to avoid unpleasant events such as exceeding your budget with more than you can afford. Believe us, this will save you much hassle and unexpected surprises.

Both platforms provide you with a Preview mode where you can check how a certain rule would perform before applying it in real time. Always check how rules perform before launching them in order to avoid any unexpected issues.

The automated rules both Bing and Google Ads provide definitely save time in setting up campaigns and repetitive tasks. In our humble opinion, every self-respecting PPC manager who values their time should be using them.