Reasons to Take Advantage of Bing Intent Ads

Bing Intent Ads

We have already talked about utilizing Bing Ads along with your Google AdWords campaigns. Today, we’ll be looking deeper into Bing’s Native Advertising or so called Intent Ads.

What are Bing Intent Ads?

It’s a relatively new feature of Bing Ads which is currently out in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. As Bing states, Intent ads is a “native advertising solution optimized for search advertisers”. In other words, it is a combination of native advertising and the intentions of searchers where Bing blends in the ads into the content of a page and shows them only to highly relevant audiences. The audience itself is determined by the bot using machine learning which combines users’ browsing history, content signals and web activity.

What is Native Advertising?

This is a popular advertising type with a concept of blending ads inside web page contents without being too noticeable. Simply said, native ads are specially crafted to match a webpage’s design and other content on the page. They won’t pop out from nowhere or tease the eye somehow however they’re labeled as sponsored in order to have them distinguished from real editorial content. Sometimes, native ads are so perfectly blended with the overall design of a page that it would be hard to be distinguished as ads.

Why might native adverts be the future of online advertising? Well, you’ve heard about the “ad blindness” people have developed over the years full of flashy ads everywhere. It can be easily overcome via this type of advertising. Currently, it is known that native ads get five to seven times more clicks than normal display ads on a webpage which means that they’re pretty effective.

Where will Your Intent Ads Appear?

Currently, Bing’s Intent Ads are placed on MSN’s main website including the homepage, and eventually on Outlook. Here’s an example screenshot from MSN’s homepage with a native ad:

bing intent ads MSN view example

Can you spot it? Well, it doesn’t have a genius title or a description but yet it’s perfectly blended inside MSN’s homepage. It’s entirely up to you how you’re going to utilize the ad space Bing provides you with.

Why You should Take Advantage of Bing Intent Ads?

The new native advertising solution that Bing provides has a great potential. Of course, you should have in mind that Bing’s audience is way smaller than Google’s however if you combine both platforms you will be able to see a really good impact on your ROI. Let’s explore some other reasons of putting Bing Intent Ads to use:

Cost effectiveness. With intent ads you will continue paying per click whether it’s a display or a search ad.

Separate quality score. Bing stated that the quality score of intent ads will not be affecting the one on search ads. This means that you can test the new feature and develop a new quality score for this type of ads with no impact on text ads for search.

Relevant and high-converting audience. Bing uses a combination of advertiser’s requirements, users’ web activity, browsing history and overall online behavior, and machine learning to determine who the ads should be shown to. This brings in a relevant and, eventually, high-converting audience that is likely to be interested in your ads.

Search ads turn into native ads. With just a few adjustments to their settings your search ads can appear in MSN’s website as well. The feature was first intended to be applied on search ads only then developed into a fully functional both search and display advertising solution.

Visual content. Similar to display ads Bing gives you the option to add image extensions to your ads. This way you have the opportunity to design a visually appealing ad that will blend in well in-between the content of a webpage.

Reporting. It’s something that you’re already used to if you’re using Bing Ads. You can easily find which ads work well, which are underperforming and optimize your campaign further.

Optimizing Your Intent Ads

After running a few campaigns and getting used to the new feature we recommend you to review the results and optimize your ads so they can perform at their best. Here are a few general takeaway reminders:

  • Don’t forget Universal Event Tracking. It allows you to build your remarketing later. And now imagine the power of native advertising and remarketing. You can easily target people who have taken specific actions on your website and show them exactly what they want to see so you can help them move further your marketing funnel.

  • Relevant landing pages. This is a rule of thumb for every online advertiser. Yet, we need to remind it as it is really important if you want your Intent ads to generate positive ROI. The landing page should always match your ad title and copy. Moreover, as your ads will be placed on content that is highly relevant to your business niche, you should try to answer eventual questions that may appear on people’s mind.

  • Test. A/B testing is the way to go so you can find what works best for your audience and brings in the highest ROI.

Bing Intent Ads promise to bring in some new rules to online advertising and we see a great potential there.

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