Inspirations from Digitalk 2018

Digitalk 2018

Last week we attended Digitalk– a leading European event that guides you through the digital business transformation.

Why digital transformation?

World population in 2018 is 7,6 billion and will expand to 8 billion in the following 10 years. There are and will be a lot of consumers who will strive to get products and services. Nowadays everybody has a mobile smartphone in his/her pocket. People use their phones for nearly everything during the day- ordering a dinner, tracking their health, searching for near by shop, etc. Businesses are competing to get people’s attention to their products and services. But how to attract people and increase awareness? Well, every business has its website / application on Internet, every business gathers data about visitors, analyses people’s behavior and points its next step of growing, every business has own story to tell. At some point of scaling, the company will need an optimization of its processes, productivity and “smart” way of keeping the expanding number of customers. There comes the need of using digital tools, i.e. digital transformation. Tools to “supercharge” productivity, tools to manage marketing and the billion-dollar mobile market, tools to boost customer experience.

Trends in customer experience

Regarding the customer experience, many companies are involved of using AR or VR.

AR /augmented reality/ is a really effective technology of taking the product exposure on the next level. Suppose you are at home, wondering what clothes to choose for your brother’s wedding and you have no time. Yeah, it will be a big day and you should look awesome! When it comes to shopping, it’s always time consuming. Here comes the AR 🙂 You will be able to choose from hundreds of clothes and try on them with your “virtual” cloning not leaving your house. You will be able to rotate your “virtual” cloning and even check out your back. Isn’t that a fantastic opportunity?!

VR /virtual reality/ is here. For example: you will be able to see and touch your future house before it will be built. You will be able to take a walk around and see how the light is coming through the windows during any part of the day (morning, afternoon, evening) and during any season. I’m sure you’ve already seen a lot of VR examples. VR will be the future technology of learning, of exercising, of relaxing, of making you sense, etc. VR will change our lives.

Trends in customer support

What are you doing when you have a problem with a product or service? You’re calling the support or using the chat option, of course. Companies spend a lot of money keeping their support helpful and live 24/7. That’s why they are interested in virtual assistant technologies, e.g. chatbots. These are in fact AI(Artificial Intelligence), taught to understand natural language and to deliver the best answer to the customer’s question.

Our inspirations from Digitalk presentations

Changing the way businesses create experience

Brian Solis, Futurist, World best selling author

Brian Solis at Digitalk 2018

“Innovation asks you to break the rules. The rules are the comfort that we know.”

He explained that we have to learn and explore the new technologies no matter what is our business. This knowledge will drive us in front of the competition. Only 7% of companies test and learn new ideas. But at the same time we should unlearn the old standards. This ability will give us the gift of perspective- to see things as they are and as they will be.

The approach of learning and unlearning includes several things we have to consider:

1) to be open to competition – we should welcome and like the competition;

2) the average is forbidden – people will expect more and more from our services;

3) laziness is over – we should be proactive. Success is a pour teacher and being lazy we’ll build a future on the pass things we love.

“You are a digital change agent…

The future of innovation is human. It is difficult.

But, it will happen to us or because of us.”

Innovating the future of marketing & the billion-dollar mobile market

Momchil Kyurkchiev, Co-founder and CEO, Leanplum

Momchil Kyurkchiev at Digitalk 2018

It was a really interesting interview, giving some important key points of how to create, manage and evolve a company.

He advised the entrepreneurs to literally look for a product gap. To look for something that worked before and to evolve it by not stacking with the old ways.

The key points of the entrepreneur:

1) need to have trust and be able to engage

2) create amazing team

3) unlock relationships – you have to reach more and more people, but you have to keep the personal touch. Going digital is easy to reach, but it’s hard to keep it personal.

4) connect with customers – explore and implement connectivity tools to your company. You should aim conversions on more channels.

And of course he mentioned, regarding marketing mix:

“You need to use the mobile device now, because it’s the most personal device.”

The new rules of brand storytelling

Jessica Gioglio, Author, The power of visual storytelling and digital/social media strategist

Jessica Gioglio at Digitalk 2018

Do you know that our neural activity increases 5 times when listening to a story? Jessica points storytelling as one of the best approaches to engage customers. But before you create your story you will need to know what is your purpose- e.g. why does your brand exists and what does your brand stand for. She divides storytelling in two groups:

1) macro stories – they are the core and highlight your company’s story, stories about company’s products and services, stories about company’s achievements

2) micro stories- they are “always-on” approach to continue and support the macro story. Example of micro story- to share something “behind the scenes” of your business

Every story needs a visual for better understanding. This is the part where you should be very creative, because of the fact that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. You could choose and combine from – photos, videos, GIFs, infographics, presentations, etc.

“Put the customer at the center of everything that you do for long-term success.”

Empowering the best teams

Mario Berta, CEO and Co-founder, FlySpaces

Mario Berta at Digitalk 2018

Mario’s presentation was about pointing the qualities that a “growth” mindset should have. How to achieve excellence and to get better and better. In his Italian way he explained his points with a lot of examples and funny stories.

What’s the mind of a winner? It’s motivation, confidence, knowledge, leadership, routines, anxiety management. The winner should love the pressure, use competition to learn/train and always strive for a feedback. In order to reach excellence, the winner should choose the right people for the job, empower to connect to each other, invest in the working environment, give increasingly challenging tasks to the team. The result: “Employees will shine and recognition will be made, will encourage a culture of self-perpetuating excellence.”

And here we are at the end of the event 🙂

Mokeez at Digitalk 2018

Mokeez at Digitalk 2018

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