Targeting the Right Audience on Google AdWords

Target Audience on Google AdWords

Utilizing Google AdWords in a digital marketing plan is a must. With its enormous network of users and huge databases of information on people all around the world, Google makes it really easy for businesses to find and reach out to their target audiences.

Now, let’s talk about those target audiences. As a business, do you know your customers? Do you know if they’re men, teenagers or mums? Do you know what they need? Last but not least, do you know that AdWords helps you find the exact audience that converts and maximizes your ROI? Well, let’s dive into it. First of all,

Get to know your customers

Well, we’ve already mentioned that several times in our previous posts. However, we must remind you – knowing your target audience will increase your ROI. Create personas, give them names and test different strategies on them. One strategy may work perfectly for one persona but turn into a disaster when applied to another one.

So, if you still haven’t got your personas, this is the time to start identifying them. Get to the archives and see what data you’ve collected about them.

Ask yourself some simple questions for guidance:

  • Where do they live?

  • Are they women or men?

  • How old are they?

  • What devices they use?

  • What they work?

  • Where they live?

  • What are their pain points? What issues they wish to solve by buying your product or service?

  • What they like? What are their interests and hobbies?

If you’ve started collecting data for your customers then you might want to consider:

  • What is their buyer journey?

  • Which channel did they come from (Social Media, Google, TV ad, billboard, word of mouth, etc.)

After collecting all the data you can organize them in a few different personas. Name them so it’s easy to remember. Create their stories based on all the data. Then start designing your ad which should get their attention, meet their needs and expectations.

Targeting Your Customers in AdWords

Refined targeting can bring you the golden goose but it has to be done very carefully from someone who has enough experience in the field. Otherwise, it can turn into a disaster.


You know that feature in AdWords which allows you bid only in specific time periods, right? Use it. You already know when your target customers are online. If you don’t then start collecting information on that. Google Analytics and the New AdWords Experience have god clear graphs for that.

After you’ve gathered enough data you can start adjusting your biddings. For example, your target audience is usually online at noon but purchases in the evenings. This might mean that they research during the lunch break and buy in the evenings when they’ve got a decision. In this case you can adjust your biddings to show your ads more during specific hours of the day and more during the evening hours. AdWords gives you the power to adjust the timing of your bids however you like.


Besides countries and cities, you can target even specific postcodes and places of interest such as airports, universities and commercial areas. This way if your business offers a specific product or service to only one exact area you may bid only to people who are in this area. Also, that is a great approach to increase the traffic to your physical store.


There’s that unspoken truth that no matter how long people use their mobile devices to browse the Internet they eventually perform purchases via desktop computers or tablets. Even in times where mobile has taken over the internet. Refine your device targeting and tailor your ads depending on what need you meet to get the most out of your AdWords campaign. For example, if you have a restaurant and want to promote the fine delivery you may refine your ads the following way:

  • For mobile users – think about it. Those are usually on the go and look for quick answers. In this case they’re hungry. You have already targeted people in the area of your restaurant. Now, target the mobile devices and create tailored titles and descriptions, e.g.

“We’re just 15 mins away and we have cookies. “

  • For desktops – well, obviously those people are at home or in the office. And they’re hungry. The location targeting of your ad should be the area you can deliver (which is usually wider than the area set in the example above). Do they usually order in the evenings? Then schedule your ads to start during the best hours and tailor your ads so you can meet their needs, e.g.

“Fast preparation and delivery right to your office. 15% off orders above $20.”


Very, very important. What words do your customers use to find businesses like yours? How do they describe your product or service? There are plenty of tools out there to help you find out. When it comes to manual bidding on certain keywords you have the unlimited power to choose which words to bid more on depending on their popularity and relevance to your ads and website. For example, you may consider bidding more on “car hire in {your area name}” for mobile devices as people are on the go, somewhere near you and looking to rent a car.

Remarketing lists

Do you have such? If not then it’s time to start developing one. Remarketing has proven its power and shows that it works perfectly bringing in amazing results. Start compiling a list of the customers who have already showed interest in your business and products, i.e. have visited your website. AdWords and Analytics can help you do that easily. Based on the consumer journey you can create as many lists as you need.



This is one of the keys to proper audience targeting. Believe us, it’s just a huge waste of time and money to advertise women sneakers to 70 year old men. AdWords allows you to narrow your audience targeting to specific age groups and gender so you can find and reach out to the right customers.

What’s great about this part is Google’s recent enhancement to AdWords targeting -Intent And Life Events. With this feature you can find those who are about to marry, to move, to graduate from college, and so on. If you are a Wedding planner and you want to reach out to future brides this is the dream targeting feature.

Similar audiences

Those are based on your remarketing lists. Basically, Google AdWords analyzes the remarketing list and compares it to its database of users. Then it finds people who have very similar behavior to those who are already in your list and gives you the opportunity to targets them as well. This way you have the opportunity to increase the reach of your ads and find more customers who are likely to purchase your product or service.

Besides targeting you need to know that your website should meet the expectations the ad creates. So, make sure it’s working and gives everything a user might want in terms of interface, information and functions.