Simple yet Powerful Guidelines to Build a Strong Brand

build strong brand

Having a logo, matching colors and text fonts was a thing in the past. This is how businesses did their brandings to distinguish themselves from others. Unfortunately, it’s not enough anymore. Just think about it. Doesn’t it sound boring? Well, it’s the same for everyone. People seek for something that will excite them. And when they find it, they remember it.

If you want to be remembered you must go beyond the “material” and reach the “spiritual”. You have to give something that will catch attention and keep it by creating an association with something that people value. And how do you do that? Here are some guidelines you may consider.

Connect your brand to your own identity

Get a piece of paper and write down what you love, your values, your mission, your vision. It’s not about how you imagine your business but how you imagine the world. Think of how your business will help get the world closer to the one from your imagination. Think of how it will help the world become a better place, how it will help people fulfill their needs and desires. Then observe your target audience and try to find out what they might need, what their values might be, how they see the world. Then match both.

Keep it simple

You don’t want to overdo it. Complicated things are hard to remember. So, when you see a match keep it, if there’s no match then drop it. For example, if you don’t like pink but the majority of your target audience loves it you don’t need to agree on a pink logo. No matter what you do strive to be authentic, no one likes hypocrites. Remember, your brand identity should resemble your views and beliefs. And don’t forget to follow them. This builds trust.

Strive for uniqueness but don’t cheat on your values

In a constantly changing and dynamic market environment you will need to adapt. You’ll come up with a great idea and do something that goes viral. Competitors will follow and start copying you to the point where you will become undistinguishable from the others. Embrace innovation and do something that is unique. However, don’t ever go against your values. And the same example as above – it you don’t like pink then don’t embrace it just for the sake of being unique.

Tell people your story

Every business has its own story to tell. Think of how you’ve got the idea and how it all started. Did you know that Apple had been started at the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents? It all begins with two boys and an idea. So, tell yours aloud. People love stories because everyone has their own. A good old story of foundation adds a bit of humanity to the otherwise cold brand. Give it to them.

Engage your audience

Don’t just go with the flow. Strive for improvement at any time. Do something bold that can and will be remembered. Of course, be careful though as it can backfire seriously. Be innovative and offer something that others don’t. Interact with your customers, connect with them, talk to them, find out their needs, desires, and problems and offer them solutions.

Keep in touch with your customers

Don’t just sell and forget. Use the power of social media and connect with your customers. Organize competitions and give them small gifts such as special offers or discounts for their next purchase with you. Pick a customer and ask them for feedback – how do they find you product or service after some time. Is it useful yet? Do they think that it needs any improvements? Listen to them. Show them that you care. People love being nurtured and become all excited when they find out that their favorite brand have heard them.

Sell your brand, not your product

The world is overwhelmed of products. In most cases there are at least 10 more businesses offering the same product or service as you do. You want to distinguish from the others somehow. Build a name and start promoting it along with your products. Show people that “this” name is connected to “that” product and create associations. Don’t just stop with the name and product. Promote your ideas, values, and visions.

Spread the word

When it comes to promotion use different advertising channels to increase brand awareness and tell more people about you. You can use Google Adwords to bid on your brand name and reach out to people who use the search engine to look for you. Use Facebook ads to promote your stories, ideas and values, as well as to connect with new potential customers. Keep in mind that people tend to forget about brands pretty quickly unless they are directly connected to their lives. That is why they need to be constantly reminded of you be it with a new story, an initiative of yours, a new product, a special offer, and so on.

Rebranding is not the end of the world

You as a person change, evolve, improve, right? So does your business. Especially when the market is constantly shifting and people’s needs changing you need to adapt quickly to survive without losing positions and even develop further. It is perfectly okay to rebrand when your business reaches a new level. The story will only get more exciting.

Building a brand surely is hard. There are many things that may go wrong. Along with brand identity goes your reputation. Fortunately, it’s worth all the efforts and pays off pretty well. Your business gets recognized easily and your sales just grow not only because your product is awesome but because your Brand is awesome.

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