The Best Digital Insight about E-mail Marketing – It Works!

email marketing

With the rise of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter top marketers have kind of forgotten about e-mails. There’s a false rumor that e-mail marketing is dead. This couldn’t be more wrong.

Did you know that people actually use different platforms with the exact purpose they’ve been created for? Facebook and Twitter are social media platforms that are created to help people interact and communicate with friends and family in an easier and not so formal manner. E-mail platforms are created to help people communicate with everyone else including businesses. And most people differentiate those two channels.

The big question is does e-mail marketing provides customers and increase ROI or not? Simple answer – yes, it does. Here are more insights on that:

E-mails remain one of the best communication channels between people and businesses

Billions of people check their e-mails a few times a day. They also love to subscribe to get fresh content or special promotions and discounts from their favorite websites. So, have a database of e-mails collected via your blog? Send them a discount from your services and tell them you value them.

E-mails help businesses build trust and get more sales

Generally speaking, people like to communicate and interact with others they know, like and trust. It’s the same with businesses. They’d prefer buying from a company they heard of rather than “risking” with an unknown one. Use e-mail marketing to start gaining the trust of your database of potential customers. Give them the information they need and show that you have the solution to a specific problem of theirs. This is where the sales boost comes. When your business becomes familiar enough, people tend to purchase more and even there’s a chance they recommend you to family and friends.

One step closer to professionalism

It’s an undeniable fact that e-mails look professional and not as a random chat message bubble. You know how it looks like when you write a personal message to someone on Facebook. Well, it doesn’t look so personalized and there’s a big chance of being ignored. E-mails look way better and can be customized depending on the person and their needs. You also appear as a reliable professional in their eyes.

One of the best converting channels

Be it sales, leads, subscribes, etc., e-mail marketing has one of the highest conversion rates out there. Why is that? Well, 72% people prefer receiving promotional content via e-mail and not social media. When targeted the right way and offered the right product they get exactly what they want and continue to purchase.

It is affordable, effective and generates high ROI

Launching an e-mail campaign is something every business can afford. Either you use special tools to send multiple e-mails or do it manually one by one, you know it will be worthy at the end. It also offers you the power to customize your message however you want it to look like. We’ll get back to that in a few sentences. Now, did you know that the average ROI of an e-mail marketing campaign is 4,300%? Pretty good huh?

One of the best targeting a marketing channel might have

You know how e-mail are collected – usually via subscribe buttons, newsletter buttons, sometimes in the real world via business cards. In the vast majority of cases you have asked for permission to send them e-mails and they’ve granted you. This means that you don’t intrude into their newsfeeds nor into their lives unwantedly. While getting their e-mails you might have managed to get some more information on your target clients. If you have it you can send different highly personalized, catchy, fancy-looking email to each one of the list of subscribers.

Measuring has never been easier

The results from an e-mail campaign can be really easy to measure. You can easily track when an e-mail has been delivered, opened, bounced, read or forwarded. Moreover, you can find out if it had been shared on social media, or see where exactly the user clicked. You can measure all that, analyze results and adapt your next campaign accordingly.

Last but not least:

You play by your own rules

Using social media and/or Google Adwords as part of your marketing strategy is a must however it may be a bit of frustrating. Both are powered by third party companies which first goal is to profit from you. You also have to adapt to the constant changes in their rules. When it comes to e-mail marketing you have no limitations and rules except your own. The looks and messaging depends entirely on you and your desires.

No matter what some marketing gurus say e-mail marketing is definitely alive and kicking. It is smartly implemented in the marketing strategies of successful companies which use it to communicate with their clients on a further level.