Using Content Marketing for Brand Awareness

Creating a strong brand requires a lot of hard work. Maintaining its good reputation is even harder. But when it comes to ROI proper branding is a must. Many business owners and marketers realize that brand awareness is one of the most important points in every marketing plan. Read more

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Tired of Keyword Researches? Try Dynamic Search Ads!

Everyone who’s into Google Adwords has heard about Dynamic Search Ads. However, this feature is often underestimated and yes, there are some pretty solid reasons behind, but if a marketer knows what to do it can turn into a really powerful advertising method. What you should keep in mind is dynamic search ads are a bit risky and shouldn’t be used as the only way of advertising on Google. Read more

Effective Adwords Ads Copywriting Made Simple

Writing ads for Google Adwords sounds as trying to fit a large cube into a small sphere. How does Google expects marketers to meet both customers’ and business owners’ desires and expectations in just 130 characters? On one side – the customer seeks for a solution to their problem, on the other side the business owner wants to tell their story to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Read more

6 Reasons to Utilize Bing Ads Along with Google Adwords

Google has taken over the search market and that is undeniably true. But today we’ll be shifting our attention to Bing. This isn’t just another Bing Ads vs Google Adwords post and we won’t be talking about the advantages of one over another. It’s about using both search networks together to reach out more potential customers, increase brand awareness and conversions. Read more

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Simple yet Powerful Guidelines to Build a Strong Brand

Having a logo, matching colors and text fonts was a thing in the past. This is how businesses did their brandings to distinguish themselves from others. Unfortunately, it’s not enough anymore. Just think about it. Doesn’t it sound boring? Well, it’s the same for everyone. People seek for something that will excite them. And when they find it, they remember it. Read more

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